A Joint Programme of Friedrich Schiller University and the Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena

Welcome to the GSBC-EIC - The Economics of Innovative Change

The Research Training Group...

The program...

... is funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG RTG 1411) and offers the opportunity to achieve a doctoral degree (PhD) in economics for excellent, top-level rated students. The program is designed for three years.

  • During the first year students improve their basic theoretical knowledge and methodological competencies.
  • In the second year students concentrate on their essential research activities.
  • During the last year individual PhD projects are completed.

Every year, the program includes a summer school with lectures held by renowned international researchers. Within the last two years, a research visit at one of the partner universities abroad for about three months is recommended.


...include Advanced Microeconomics, Econometrics, Economic Dynamics, Entrepeneurship, Experimental Economics, Game Theory, Innovation and Trade, Innovation Systems...


  • ...will benefit from close interaction of theoretical and empirical work,
  • ...will apply complementary methodological approaches,
  • ...will have an interest in quantitative and experimental methods.

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