A Joint Programme of Friedrich Schiller University and the Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena

The “Jena Economic Research Workshop” is a forum where our PhD students present and discuss their own work and report on the status of their PhD project. We structured the JERW in a particular way in order to make sure that both, the presenters and the audience benefit from the workshop.

1. The workshop starts with a 25 minutes presentation of the own work of the student (this presentation is usually supported by slides). Please spend about 5 minutes in the beginning to put your presentation in the larger frame of your PhD project.

2. Then a discussant will give a 10 minutes presentation (again, this presentation is usually supported by slides).

3. To get also some written feedback, 2 referees are assigned to each presentation. Each referee submits a report of at least one written page to the coordinator who will forward it to the presenting PhD student. Furthermore, also the discussant will write a report with his or her comments.

4. The role of the session chair is to prepare the room for the presenters (set up and check the functionality of the laptop, the pointer and the beamer), to introduce the speaker and the discussant, to keep track of time, and to coordinate the questions from the floor. When attending well organized conferences you may be asked to take a similar role.

5. Since all the feedback has to be prepared in advance, the presenter submits the paper or the status report at least two weeks before the date of presentation to the coordinator. The material should enable the reader to prepare a discussant’s presentation, a referee report or to prepare the questions for the general discussion.

6. In case of the unlikely event that the material for discussant and referee is not submitted two weeks in advance the presentation will be given nevertheless, but it does not count. The presenter then has to prepare another presentation within six months.

7. During your time in the GK-program you have to take part in 80% of all JERW presentations (you also have to take part in 80% of all JERSeminars). This percentage is the minimum threshold to gain the certificate of the graduate college which is necessary for the WiWifaculty to start processing your submitted dissertation thesis.