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Otto-Hahn-Medal for Vera Angelova Popova

Otto-Hahn-Medal 2010 of the Max Planck Society was awarded to Vera Angelova Popova, for her thesis on Experiments on Cooperation and Markets with Asymmetric Information (under supervision of Oliver Kirchkamp). The dissertation explores theoretically and experimentally four research questions that relate to the topics of cooperation and markets with asymmetric information: Will entrepreneurship evolve in the laboratory? Are financial advisers with conflict of interest going to give better advice, if clients pay for it voluntarily? Do managers offer different wages to permanent and temporary employees? How does information on co-workers‘ wages affect wage policy? How do employees that are discriminated against react? Can equilibrium punishment in a simple prisoner‘s dilemma game increase cooperation? The answers can be found here: http://www.econ.mpg.de/english/staff/esi/popova.