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Members of the GK EIC participated and contributed to the TEDxJena More information and videos:

Uwe Cantner and Silke Übelmesser are providing doctoral courses for the CGDE in the upcoming winter term

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The 8th Summer Academy on Innovation and Uncertainty starts on Sunday with an Opening Lecture by Jennifer Arlen (New York University)

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Work-Related Demands Originating from Social Change and Life Satisfaction

In their new paper, in "Social Indicators Research", Uwe Cantner and colleagues, based on the concept that individuals have a rather stable trait-like level of subjective well-being from which they may vary when confronted with changes of the external ecologyanalyzed the relationship between the reported load of demands and subjective well-being assessed as general life satisfaction and average satisfaction in domains of life (i.e., family, work, finances, and leisure). Read more

Regional characteristics, opportunity perception and entrepreneurial activities

In their new paper, in "Small Business Economics", Uwe Cantner and colleagues seek to better understand the link between regional characteristics and individual entrepreneurship. Their findings point to the importance of an indirect effect of regional characteristics as knowledge creation, the economic context and an entrepreneurial culture have an effect on the individual perception of founding opportunities, which in turn predicted start-up intentions and activity. Read more

Universities open up possibilities: Uwe Cantner explains why invenstments in universities matter:

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Its all about visions: Uwe Cantner recently answered five questions to the Handelsblatt:

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We are happy to announce that Dr Alexia Gaudeul joined our team of Post-Docs.

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International research networks in pharmaceuticals: Structure and dynamics

In their new paper, in "Research Policy", Uwe Cantner and Bastian Rake find that accumulative advantages based on connectedness and multi-connectivity are positively related to changes in the countries’ collaboration intensity whereas various indicators on similarity between countries do not allow for unambiguous conclusions. Read more

Occupations at risk: job tasks, job security, and wages

In her new paper, in "Industrial and Corporate Change", Ljubica Nedelkoska investigates the determinants of occupational change. Read more

Junior Best Paper Award for Josefine Diekhof

With her paper 'Do Entrants Enhance Incumbents’ R&D Activity? - Escaping the Lock-In, Spurring the Technological Change and the Transition to Sustainability within the Automotive Industry', Josefine Diekhof won the prize for the best junior paper on the Belfort Summer School "Innovation and Research Policies for a Sustainable Transition" in Belfort-France, 28th-31st August 2013.

Best Paper Presentation Award for Fernanda Puppato

Fernanda Puppato won the prize for the best paper presentation at the 2013 Ingenio PhD Days at Valencia University, IT. Conference in Cambridge, UK.

New Insights Into Optimal Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Econometric Models: Application of a Heuristic Approach

In their new paper, forthcoming in the "Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control", Ivan Savin and Dmitri and Viktoria Blueschke investigate some flexible optimization methods for nonlinear dynamic econometric models. Read more

Russia's Comparative Advantages in Foreign Trade

In his recent book, Dr. Ivan Savin aims at identifying factors which stimulate regional growth and international competitiveness and using them for forecasting. Departing from the theory of comparative advantages and their impact, the author demonstrates that such an approach has to be based on a sound theoretical foundation and on appropriate, advanced econometric methods. He proposes the use of heuristic optimization techniques, Monte Carlo simulation experiments and Lasso-type estimators to avoid bias or misleading findings, which might be the result of applying standard regression methods when key assumptions are not satisfied. In addition, the author demonstrates how some heuristic optimization-based methods can be used to obtain forecasts of industrial production in Russia and Germany founded on past observations and some leading indicators. Read more

Picking Winners? – Empirical Evidence on the Targeting of R&D Subsidies to Start-ups

Uwe Cantner and Sarah Kösters investigate empirical evidence on the targeting of R&D subsidies to start-ups in a new publication in Small Business Economics (39, 931 - 936).

Product Quality, Product Price and Share Dynamics in the German Compact Car Market

Uwe Cantner, Jens Krüger and Rene Söllner investigate one of the central elements of evolutionary thinking - competition formalized by the replicator dynamics mechanism in a new publication in Industrial and Corporate Change (21, 1085 - 1115).

NFIB-Award for Nicola Breugst

Nicola Breugst won the 'National Federation of Independent Business'-Award for the best dissertation in Entrepreneurship. Her dissertation on: „Entrepreneurial Behavior in Social Contexts: The Role of Families, Teams, and Employees for Entrepreneurial Individuals“ has been supervised by Holger Patzelt (Technical University of Munich) and Uwe Cantner (Friedrich Schiller University Jena).

Elections to the committee of the Graduate Academy

Ivan Savin and Simone Vannuccini have been elected to the board of the Graduate Academy.

6'th Jena Summer Academy on Innovation and Uncertainty

On July 22nd, Ulrich Witt, director at the Max Planck Institute of Economics, inaugurated the 6'th Jena Summer Academy on 'Innovation and Uncertainty'. He gave a talk on "Innovations, Consumption and the Problem of Sustainability" which was very much appreciated by the auditorium. To see the comprehensive programme of the Summer Academy please visit Summer Academy 2012.

6'th Jena Summer Academy on Innovation and Uncertainty

From July 22th until August 17th Jena will host a number of leading economists and 70 PhD candidates from all around the world. The Summer Academy is jointly organized by Research Traning Group "The Economics of Innovative Change" and the International Max Planck Research School on Adapting Behavior in a Fundamentally Uncertain World (IMPRS-Uncertainty).

14th ISS Conference, Brisbane Australia, 2nd - 5th July, 2012

Stephan Bruns, Levan Bzhalava, Wolfhard Kaus, Simone Vannuccini, Sebastian Wilfing, Leonhard Lades, Benjamin Volland, Ivan Savin, Bastian Rake, Maximilian Goethner and Uwe Cantner are currently presenting their work on the 14th International Schumpeter Society Conference in Brisbane, Australia. http://www.aomevents.com/ISS2012

Do balanced skills help nascent entrepreneurs to make progress in the venture creation process?

In a recent publication in Economics Letters Michael Stützer, Maximilian Göthner and Uwe Cantner find that that they do. Read more or download the publication.

Social identity and the transition to entrepreneurship

Maximilian Göthner, Uwe Cantner and colleagues investigate the role of social identity in the transition from employed work to entrepreneurship in a new publication in the Journal of Vocational Behaviour. Read more

Advances in the forecasting accuracy

Ivan Savin studies the performance of different types of model selection and forecasting in a forthcoming book chapter coauthord by Peter Winker "Lasso-type and heuristic strategies in model selection and forecasting," In: Borgelt C., M.A. Gil, J. Sousa and M. Verleysen (Eds.) Towards Advanced Data Analysis by Combining Soft Computing and Statistics, Springer, Berlin Read more

Will you accept without knowing what?

Werner Güth and Oliver Kirchkamp put the external validity of lab experiments to the test in a forthcoming publication in Experimental Economics “Will You Accept Without Knowing What? - A Thuringian Newspaper Experiment of the Yes-No Game”. Read more

Forthcoming publications by Uwe Cantner, Sarah Kösters and René Söllner

In a forthcoming publication in Small Business Economics, Uwe Cantner and Sarah Kösters investigate the characteristics of the start-ups that manage to receive R&D subsidies. Uwe Cantner, Jens Krüger, and René Söllner, investigate the relationship between product fitness and market success on the car market in a forthcoming publication in Industrial and Corporate Change. Read more

Bent Dalum PhD Award for Sebastian Wilfling

Sebastian Wilfling won the “Bent Dalum PhD Award” for the most innovative and promising research project at the 2012 Druid-DIME Academy Conference in Cambridge, UK. Read more

Kauffman Foundation Best Paper Award for Mili Srivastava

Mili Shrivastava received the Kauffman Foundation best paper award at the 2011 Academy of Management Conference for her paper “Entrepreneurial Teams, Optimal Team Size, and Founder Exits” co-authored with Dr J Pawan Tamvada. Read more

GSBC-EIC at the Long Night of Science

On the evening of the 25th of November (Friday), the GSBC-EIC presents itself at the Long Night of Science in Jena with one musical and one experiment. We welcome audience for the musical and families with children for the experiment. Read more

Evaluation of the IMPRS-Uncertainty

The partner program of the GSBC-EIC, IMPRS Uncertainty, was evaluated on the 15th of November. The auditors were quite positive and the IMPRS braces itself to prepare a project proposal for the next few years. The coordination of the IMPRS will move from Werner Güth (MPI Jena) to Christoph Engel (MPI Bonn) and Oliver Kirchkamp (Uni Jena).

Forthcoming publications by Gerhard Riener

In the forthcoming publication in Experimental Economics "Decomposing Desert and Tangibility Effects in a Charitable Giving Experiment," Gerhard Riener together with David Reinstein from the University of Essex investigate the effects of using less or more tangible money. Read more

GSBC EIC members attended the Nobel Laureate Meeting in Economic Sciences in Lindau

The Nobel Laureate Meeting in Economic Sciences took place for the 4th time this August, in Lindau, Germany. Around 370 young economists from all over the World were selected in a global competition to exchange ideas with 17 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences. Read more

Prize for Outstanding Scientific Achivements for Stefan Bauernschuster

At the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Ifo Institute, the Association for Promotion of Economic Research (Freunde des ifo Instituts) awarded the prize for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of empirical economic research to Stefan Bauernschuster (GSBC-EIC) for his article "Mandatory Sick Pay Commission: A Labor Market Experiment". Read more

Dissertation Award for Florian Noseleit

The 2011 Alumni Jenenses Dissertation Prize was awarded to Florian Noseleit for his dissertation "The Role of Entrepre­neurship for Regional Growth and Structural Change" supervised by Michael Fritsch. Read more

5'th Jena Summer Academy on Innovation and Uncertainty

From July 24th until August 21st Jena will host a number of leading economists and 70 PhD candidates from all around the world. The Summer Academy is jointly organized by Research Traning Group "The Economics of Innovative Change" and the International Max Planck Research School on Adapting Behavior in a Fundamentally Uncertain World (IMPRS-Uncertainty). To see the comprehensive programme of the Summer Academy please visit Summer Academy 2011.

Otto-Hahn-Medal for Vera Angelova Popova

Vera Popova

Otto-Hahn-Medal 2010 of the Max Planck Society was awarded to Vera Angelova Popova, for her thesis on Experiments on Cooperation and Markets with Asymmetric Information (under supervision of Oliver Kirchkamp). The dissertation explores theoretically and experimentally four research questions that relate to the topics of cooperation and markets with asymmetric information. Read more

GSBC-EIC Paper wins the DIME Best Young Scholar Paper Award

The paper Skill shortage and skill redundancy: Asymmetry in the Transferability of Skills by Ljubica Nedelkoska (GSBC-EIC) and Frank Neffke (Erasmus School of Economics, Rot-terdam) won the Best Young Scholar Paper Award at the final conference of the European Network of Excellence DIME, held in Maastricht 6th-8th of April 2011. Read more