A Joint Programme of Friedrich Schiller University and the Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena
Summer School 2013

The Jena Summer Academy on Innovation and Uncertainty takes place for the 7th time in Jena, between the 14thand the 27th July 2013. This event is jointly organized by the Max Planck Institute of Economics and Friedrich Schiller University, both in Jena, Germany.

This year’s topics shall include: innovation studies, creativity research, innovation policy, innovation and development, experimental economics, network analysis, basics of game theory, and microeconometrics. Just like in the last six years, the IMPRS Summer School will continue in the second and the third week of August to cover a number of specific topics related to how subjects behave under fundamental uncertainty. Read more

Confirmed speakers:
Mikhail Anufriev (University of Technology Sydney)
Andreas Chai (Griffith University)
Dietmar Harhoff (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)
Frederic Michael Scherer (Harvard University)